This unique two hour course gives viewers a wide range of useful tips, tricks and smarts to deal with the daily work challenges in any kind of organization. They are illustrated with specific examples and stories obtained from real life experience. This session was created and is presented by a veteran CFO who has created courses that over 15,000 accountants have signed up for and are known for practicality, examples, and humour.


• Really seeing the big picture when others are only seeing the small picture
• Supervising, managing and hiring specialists in a field, when you are not
• Coping with the difficult boss or stubborn owner
• Getting more out of meetings
• Tips on treating employees right, for retention & recruiting
• Cutting through to the main issue
• A teaching style to help your staff to grow
• Asking the tough questions that no one asks – the elephant in the room
• Creating policies without bureaucracy
• Leveraging your time to get more things done
• A couple of bonus parenting tips
• And more…


The webinar is of interest to CPAs, business executives and managers and other employees in all kinds of organization. Early to mid-career CPAs will benefit even more.


• Thank you for the self-study video course Practical Work Smarts for All which I enjoyed very much, and which met my expectations.
• I appreciated that the course really was designed for 'all', and not just CPAs. Your presentation style is refreshingly accessible, and the ideas were thought-provoking.
• Favourite and most helpful topics: meetings and prioritization
• The video was interesting, instructor keeps it light hearted by putting jokes throughout.
• Liked the humor throughout the webcast.Especially the consultant at the end, that is the ultimate double speak I ever heard.
• Appreciated the comments about letters of recognition or the boss hosting their employees at his/her house. I think that goes along way with building a rapport with your staff and speaks to your leadership style.
• I enjoyed the course. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience and give actual examples! I can relate to them. I will definitely apply lots of them.
• Interesting subjects, all make sense, I see some suggestions already applied on my company. Will be interesting to discuss with my colleagues
• What I liked: Getting more out of meetings – more specifically the productivity ratio (1/n2) and the parking lot suggestion. I’d also like to try ____when there is a meeting conflict.
• I have viewed the course and it was excellent.
• You are a great leader in CPA world…thank you again
• I found the meeting tips and procrastination interesting
• I truly enjoyed the elephant in the room, the examples were perfect.

What you will learn?
• See the big picture when others are only seeing the small picture
• Supervise, manage and hire specialists in a field, when you are not
• Teach and supervise your team well & treat employees right
• Ask the tough questions that no one asks – the elephant in the room
• Create policies without bureaucracy & get more out of meetings
• Leverage and your time to get more things done
• Cope with the difficult boss or stubborn owner
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Section 1. Lesson 1 - Getting more from meetings, admitting you are wrong, creating policies without bureaucracy, a teaching style to help your staff to grow, creative employment treatment-Part1
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41 m
Lesson 1
Section 2. Lesson 2 - Coping with the difficult boss, when colleagues never reply to your emails, leveraging your time, prioritization, insist on specificity from people, making time for people-Part1
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40 m
Lesson 2
Section 3. Lesson 3 - Big picture thinking, fighting procrastination, supervising, managing and hiring specialists, evaluate new systems, asking the tough questions – the elephant in the room-Part1
videocam Video
41 m
Lesson 3
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Stephen Priddle, CPA, CA, CMA is the President and Founder of Practical PD.

Stephen's current occupation is the Vice-President, Finance, Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary of the SureWx Inc. group of companies (Canada, USA, UK, Netherlands) SureWx is a global aviation business, an industry leader in the area of assisting airlines optimizing winter operations. Al...

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Practical Work Smarts for All
This unique two hour course gives viewers a wide range of useful tips, tricks and smarts to deal with the daily work challenges in any kind of organization.
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