About this course

This course is a practical action-oriented course designed to give you the tools, tips, and strategies to reduce your current anxiety and to enable you to manage anxiety more effectively going forward, including over 50 anxiety management tips and strategies. 

This course aims to give you an insight into anxiety, its impact, symptoms and causes, as well as to give you practical steps to follow to reduce your current anxiety. The course will also give you a wealth of anxiety management tools, tips and strategies to help you to reduce your anxiety and more effectively manage your anxiety going forward.

As you go through the course you will be able to apply the learnings and develop your own personalised anxiety plan.

The course is designed to be practical and relevant to real life. It includes lots of ideas, tips and strategies as to how to reduce and manage anxiety. The course takes a holistic view of anxiety management with anxiety management strategies for all areas of your life. It is not a theoretical or academic course on anxiety.

Please note that in this course we define anxiety as ‘Having regular or uncontrollable worries about many different things in your life, particularly about things that are about to happen or which you think may happen in the future’. This is different to stress, which we cover in other courses, which we define as ‘The state that you experience when you perceive that you cannot adequately cope with the demands being made on you. You feel under pressure and don't have the physical and mental reserves to cope.’

Field of Study: Personal Development

What you will learn?
Understand more about anxiety, its impact, symptoms and causes.
Learn an anxiety management process, including practical steps to follow to reduce and manage your anxiety.
Learn over 50 practical anxiety management tips and strategies to reduce and manage your anxiety.
Understand more about your own anxiety.
Develop and implement a personalised anxiety management plan.
Have anxiety management strategies in place to support you to reduce and manage your anxiety more effectively going forward.
Skills Covered
3 hours on-demand video
Certificate of completion
Overview level
No prerequisites
No preparation required
1 year access


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21 Video
2 Quiz
3 hours
Section 1. Introduction
Lecture 1 Course introduction
5m 9s
Lecture 2 About the tutor
2m 16s
Section 2. What is anxiety?
Lecture 3 What is anxiety?
7m 53s
Lecture 4 Anxiety disorders
5m 29s
Section 3. How to reduce & manage anxiety
Lecture 5 How to reduce & manage anxiety
6m 25s
Lecture 6 Assignment 1 Understanding your anxiety
5m 33s
Section 4. Anxiety management tips & strategies
Lecture 7 Anxiety management tips & strategies introduction
2m 45s
Lecture 8 Assignment 2 Your anxiety management action plan
2m 7s
Lecture 9 Be curious about your anxiety
7m 34s
Lecture 10 Accept your anxiety
11m 25s
Lecture 11 Calm your anxiety
10m 31s
Lecture 12 Consider how you think
11m 2s
Lecture 13 Problem solve & take action
7m 54s
Lecture 14 Break your habitual patterns
5m 14s
Lecture 15 Consider your approach
11m 10s
Lecture 16 Reduce anxiety at work
8m 57s
Lecture 17 Look after your health & wellbeing
9m 9s
Lecture 18 Ask for help & support
5m 4s
Lecture 19 Anxiety management tips & strategies summary
1m 25s
Section 5. Your anxiety management plan
Lecture 20 Your anxiety management plan
1m 42s
Section 6. Summary
Lecture 21 Course summary
1m 9s
Section 7. Review questions
Review questions
9 questions
Section 8. Course exam
Course exam
15 questions
Learn from the best
Business coach, mentor & stress management consultant

Liz Makin is an online course instructor focusing on personal development including courses on anxiety management, communication, resilience, soft skills, stress management and time management. The courses are practical and relevant to real life with lots of ideas, tools, tips and strategies. The courses take a holistic view with tools, tips and strategies for all areas of your life. Liz Makin is an experienced business coach, business mentor and stress management consultant with over 25 years of business experience at senior management and director level. She has a Masters degree in Coaching and Behavioural Change and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales. Liz has been running her own business Makin It Happen - Coaching, Mentoring & Stress Management since 2002, which provides business coaching, business mentoring and stress management to business owners, directors, managers and professionals from small and medium sized companies to international organisations. Liz support clients to maximise the performance of their business, to maximise their own personal performance at work, in dealing with high levels of stress at work or in their business, when going through stressful and challenging times and in managing stress and building resilience to stress over time.